Mars Attacks - Recaptured! (2011)

Rock 'n' Rol, Rockabilly Series.

Artist: Mars Attacks
Type: Compilation (PART Records, PART-CD 696.001)
Year: 2011 CD Release: 10. April, 2011.
Style: Rock n' Roll / Rockabilly
Country: Switzerland/Austria
Quality: VBR Mp3 / 44,1Khz / Joint-Stereo
Size: 81,00 MB
Host Server:


Mars Attacks – a short band introduction:

Formed in 1998, this Austria/Swiss based band released their debut CD/LP "...Run For Your Life!" in 1999. They later released "Snatch It & Grab It" in 2000 (4-track vinyl EP), "Dirty Tricks" in 2003 (CD/LP), the concept album "Circle of Love" (CD/LP) in 2006, followed by their current release “FOLLOW ME!” (CD/LP on Blue Lake Records).

Over the years, the boys have been rockin' all over Europe in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia; and even rocked the house in Moscow/Russia. They've also made appearances at Hemsby Rock´n´Roll Weekender (England), The Rockabilly Rave (Camber Sands UK), High Rockabilly Spain, Summer Jamboree Italy, Tear It Up Festival Croatia, Bedrock Weekend Denmark, Rockin' 50's Fest II & III (Greenbay, WI, USA), Rhythm Bound (Los Angeles, CA, USA) and toured the U.S. from the south to the mid-west, east coast to the west coast.

They've backed up SUN Records legends Sonny Burgess and Billy Lee Riley, country/rockabilly acts Narvel Felts, Rosie Flores, as well as Specialty Artist Roddy Jackson and also Nick Curran.

The hot stage show and varied program – mostly made up of self-composed songs (including the meanwhile famous trumpet songs) and a well-chosen selection of rockabilly classics — transform each live performance into a special encounter – or should we say a special encounter of the third kind...

Mars Attacks:

Mars Attacks - Recaptured! (2011)

Mars Attacks - Recaptured! (2011)

Mars Attacks - Recaptured! (2011)


01. Man From Mars
02. Snatch It 'N' Grab It
03. All Nite Boogie
04. I'm Gonna Buy Me A Ticket
05. Doggin' My Steps
06. Please Can You Say
07. Pepperhot Baby
08. The Way I Bop
09. That's The Way I Feel
10. Four Tired Car
11. Lies
12. Why. Jimmy Bill?
13. You'll Never Break Me
14. Honey
15. Dirty Tricks
16. I Guess It's Meant That Way
17. Rocket In The Sky
18. Shotgun Wedding
19. A Gal Of My Kind
20. Ninety Nine Ways
21. You Talk Too Much
22. Sputnik (The Satellite Girl)
23. Tattoo Bop
24. Mars Attacks
25. High School Ceasar (Bonus Track)
26. Leavin' It All Behund (Bonus Track)

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