Psionic Power

Сапплемент к D&D 4-ой редакции для псиоников и прочих любителей воздействия на чужие мозги =)


You are all that stands between the world and the madness of the Far Realm. Training in ancient disciplines
of body and mind, you harness the power of your will to work the magic of thoughts and dreams, of psychic
projection and mental domination. Uniting your mind and body into a single weapon against alien forces of
madness, you are a psionic champion, a tower of iron will.
This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® supplement presents never-before-seen options for psionic characters created using Player’s Handbook 3®, including new powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies designed for the ardent, battlemind, monk, and psion classes. Psionic Power™ also provides background information about the world’s psionic traditions, rules for wild talents, and two new races, as well as builds and class features that allow you to play new versions of your favorite psionic classes.

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