[Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition] Game Master's Screen & Adventure (OEF)

Ширма (экран) мастера игры и тестовое приключение для РПГ "Легенда о Пяти Кольцах" 4-ой редакции. В формате OEF.


This adventure is designed for characters of Insight Rank 2 or 3. In the spirit of Legend of the Five Rings RPG Fourth Edition, it is designed to allow for maximum customizability, making it easy for the Gamemaster to plug it into an ongoing campaign, regardless of the era chosen for play. Mushi Mura can be located almost anywhere in the Empire, and the family names of the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) have been left to the Gamemaster to decide. This is particularly important because, as it will become apparent at the end of the adventure, the Gamemaster will have the option to use the village as a base of operation for the PCs’ future adventures.

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