VIPZone - Electro pumping loops

Офф сайт : www.vipzone
Размер: 150MB

Для создателей своих музыкальных композиций -коллекция инструментальных лупов для Electro и Electro Hose.


We present the new electro pack containing almost 400 synth loops (bass and lead) for electro and electro-house. Loops are stored in 2 versions — normal and sidechained. With this special pack you can create nice up-to-date electro and electro-house tunes as well as you can chain these loops with our previous packs — Electro House Drum Loops and Electro House Synth Loops. 120 midi files are attached so except of using nice Wav loops you can also use your own sounds within a sequencer. Pack is also available as a part of our new Electro Loops Bundle and Electro Producer Bundle.


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