Julverne - 1986 Ne Parlons Pas De Mahleur

Artist: Julverne
Album: Ne Parlons Pas De Mahleur
Year: 1986
Label: Beatball
Country: Belgium
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Chamber Rock, Avangarde, RIO.
Format: ape (image) with cue, log, md5, artcover
Size: 203 Mb (5 % recovery)

Ensembles performing a chamber music variation of progressive rock often get compared to Univers Zero and Art Zoyd, but if the list is stretched, Belgians Julverne are likely to find themselves in the number three slot. Taking their name from one of the earliest speculative fiction writers, Julverne peform a classically inspired music, whose (very) occasional tangents into darker territory within this chamber sort of format undoubtedly draw comparisons to their more well known Belgian contemporaries. They included a revolving line up led by flute and sax player Pierre Coulon and violin and trombone player Jeannot Gillis.


In fact, Julverne has shared musicians with Univers Zero, including Dirk Descheemaker and Michel Berckmans. So there is really no surprise that there are similarities in style to both bands. However, Julverne is more like Univers Zero's happier, more cosmopolitan younger brother. The ensemble's first album was released in 1979, and unlike their more aggressive musical brethren, Julverne don't have any drums. In fact, they only seem to be a rock band by comparison, as this truly seems to be a chamber group performing original music with influences of Satie, Bartok, Debussy, and the less dissonant measures of Stravinksy. The instrumentation is typical of chamber music with piano, strings, horns and winds........
In fact, the similarities to Univers Zero and Art Zoyd are largely the musical format, as this is never angry or strident in the least. However, Julverne was certainly considered an experimental band by the musical collective that made it up, and the compositions reflect an exploratory ethic in their use of keys, modes and arrangements. Without getting into music theory, it can still be said that most of the compositions often start out in a fresh and accessible mode before veering off into a tangent belying the 20th Century influences of the band. It's a gorgeous album and rather idiosyncratic, even in comparison to the ensemble's RIO-drafted contemporaries.

1. Ne Parlons Pas de Mahleur (J. Gillis)
2. Theobald Boehm (P. Coulon)
3. Catherine En Campine (C. Loos)
4. Clementine (C. Laos)
5. Danse Syldave (J. Gillis)
6. Soupe Au Crapaud (M. Berckmans)
7. Le Rose Aux Joues (J. Gillis)
8. La Fille Aux Cheveux Gras (P. Coulon)

Line-up :
— Lucie Graumon / voix
— Pierre Coulon / flutes, sax alto
— Dirk Deschemaeker / clarinet, bass clarinet
— Michel Berckmans / basson
— Jean-Paul Laurent / piano
— Jeannot Gillis / violin, cuivres
— Wiet van de Leest* / viola
— Claudine Steenackers / cello
— André Klenes / contrabass
— Jacqueline Rosenfeld / violin, viola
— Charles Loos / piano

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