Origin: germany
Жанр: progressive rock, art-rock
Год: 2000
Формат: FLAC (image + cue+ Log)
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Размер: CD-1=378 MB, CD-2=406 MB
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До того, как была создана группа RPW
L была группенция VIOLET DISTRICT

Formed in 1988, German outfit VIOLET DISTRICT, at first called INCUBUS, started out as a band supporting various local bands at concerts. YES, MARILLION and PINK FLOYD were their most important musical influences; all of which they wanted to incorporate in their own material.


The band soon found out that it would be an advantage to record a CD to be able to expand outside of their local area, and in 1992 their debut album "Terminal Breath" saw the light of day, and was generally well received. Indeed, German label BMG Ariola got interested in the band, but sadly not interested enough to sign the act it turned out.

Various line-up changes combined with the band not being able to expand any further saw to it they eventually disbanded in 1997. Two of the members from the final line-up; Karlheinz Wallner (guitar) and Chris Postl (bass) would later resurface with RPWL a few years later, along with amongst others Jьrgen "Yogi" Lang, who was a guest musician and producer on "Terminal Breath".

The other musicians involved with VIOLET DISTRICT were Thomas Falkner (bass), Christian Brenninger (drums) and Mischa Schleypen (vocals, keyboards).

The sound pursued by VIOLET DISTRICT, blending the spacey atmospheres of PINK FLOYD with the modern symphonic leanings of bands like MARILLION, resulted in a sound and style that fits the guidelines for addition to the Neo Progressive genre, and they were added to the database by the team catering for this genre.

Studio Album, released in 2000

Track Listings
CD 1: (54:21) — Terminal Breath + Bonus
1. Lustreless Fright (6:10)
2. Ego (0:53)
3. Anuishes of a Scoundrel (5:10)
4. Hommage to the Irretrievably Lost (7:43)
5. Assurance (6:55)
6. Together we Fall (3:46)
7. Necessary Goodbyes (5:22)
8. Age Theme (1:26)
9. The Age (4:24)
10. Down and Away (12:05)

CD 2: (54:30) — Live at Feierwerk Munich 1996
1. Necessary Goodbyes (5:39)
2. Capilary Action (10:20)
3. Lustretless Fright (5:57)
4. Ego (0:54)
5. Hommage to the Irretrievably Lost (9:19)
6. Principles of Alternation (12:51)
7. Down and Away (9:30)

Total Time: 108:51

Line-up/Musicians — Mischa Schleypen / vocals, keyboards
— Karlheinz Wallner / guitars, backing vocals
— Giselher Richter / keyboards
— Chris Postl / bass
— Christian Brenninger / drums
— Jьrgen Lang / additional keyboards, backing vocal

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