Windows 7 Loader 1.8 by Daz RC6 (x86-64) (Активатор Windows 7/Vista/2008)

Windows 7 Loader by Daz — активатор Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/2008, устанавливает сертификат одной из фирм (по выбору), после чего активирует вашу копию Windows, и дает возможность проходить проверку подлинности.


•Cleaned up and improved a lot of code
•Added a new GRLDR version (Thanks to lash78 for spending a few hours helping to debug)
•Made the UI even more user friendly
•Added some new serials
•Cleaned up and improved allot of code
•Added a new GRLDR, this should work better than the last
•Made the UI even more user friendly
•Added Alienware Home Premium seral

Do you have the WAT update installed, KB971033? If yes you may have got flagged as non-genuine, in order to become genuine again just do the following.
* Launch the loader application and select to uninstall
* Reboot your PC
* Install the loader
* Visit the following website to revalidate Windows:

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