Gary Numan and Michael R Smith 1995 Human (Lossless/MP3)

Label: Numa
Catalog#: NUMACD 1013
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1995
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synth-pop
Audio: Flac (Tracks+Cue+Log)/MP3 CBR320
Size: 270Mb/152Mb

Достаточно редкий инструментальный альбом Gary Numan'а, записанный совместно с Michael R Smith — саундтрек к низкобюджетному фильму ужасов 1991 года The Unborn


Human is a 1995 instrumental album released by British musician Gary Numan and music producer Michael R. Smith. It consists of 36 tracks from the 75 that had been written, but were largely unused, for the low-budget 1991 horror/science-fiction movie The Unborn. Numan recorded the music when he was signed with IRS Records, but that label refused to release it (ironically, in 1988, IRS asked Numan to record an instrumental album to be titled No Speak). In his autobiography, Numan described how the Unborn project came about:
“ The director of the film, Rodman Flender, was a fan of an old B-side, 'Asylum,' which he felt evoked exactly the right mood for the movie. Mike [Smith] and I saw it as a 'door opening' opportunity, as writing music for films was something I'd long wanted to do. We wrote well over a hundred pieces of music which we would regularly send off to Rodman in California. At first we didn't even have a script, so we just wrote things that we thought sounded a bit creepy. Then we got a very rough cut of the film, which helped a lot. Finally, Rodman came over and stayed for a while and helped us shape the final pieces of the music. The film was released later that year and came to the UK on video about a year or so later. I was very proud of the music and I was surprised IRS didn't seem the slightest bit interested in releasing it.”

Numan and Smith's music for The Unborn, written in early 1991, was later released as the album Human in 1995, through Numan's label Numa Records (it was the last commercially available release from Numa; Numan subsequently signed with Eagle Records in 1997).

Numan has described Human as "an hour-long collection of musical ideas, each with a specific mood or atmosphere in mind, not a conventional instrumental album."

Parts of some of the tracks have subsequently been used in later work by Numan. "A Little Lost Soul" is a semi-instrumental version of the Outland track "Soul Protection"; "Embryo" became the Sacrifice track "The Seed of a Lie"; "Big Alien" and "Mother" are instrumental versions of the Outland track "Heart"; "Tidal Wave" became the Outland track "From Russia Infected"; and "Needles" became the Sacrifice track "Pray".

Gary Numan and Michael R Smith 1995 Human (Lossless/MP3)


1 Navigators 2:12
2 Bombay 2:29
3 We Fold Space 1:10
4 A Cry In The Dark 2:45
5 Manic 1:36
6 Empire 2:19
7 A Little Lost Soul 2:41
8 The Visitor 1:09
9 Magician 2:12
10 Undercover 1:27
11 Halloween 1:13
12 Embryo 1:38
13 Elm Street 1:26
14 Harmonos 2:20
15 Big Alten 1:47
16 Blind Faith 1:09
17 New Life 4:01
18 Fairy Tales 2:52
19 Disease 2:22
20 Tidal Wave 1:21
21 Alone And Afraid 1:19
22 Sahara 1:34
23 Cold 1:41
24 Do You Wonder 1:31
25 Betrayal 1:01
26 Suspicion 1:03
27 The Unborn 1:59
28 Lethal Injection 1:43
29 Frantic 1:04
30 Mother 0:57
31 Black Heart 1:42
32 Thunder Road 0:34
33 Law And Order 2:02
34 Needles 2:27
35 Climax 0:35
36 Inferno 0:48

Gary Numan and Michael R Smith 1995 Human (Lossless/MP3)


Producer, Written-By – Michael R Smith
Producer, Written-By, Engineer, Mixed By – Gary Numan


Engineered and mixed at Outland Studios, England.
All tracks published by Numan Music Co.
Distributed by Pinnacle Records.
(Inside sleeve notes): These 36 instrumental tracks were written in early 1991. Some are very short, 'Human' is not a conventional instrumental album in that respect, more a collection of musical ideas, each with a specific mood or atmosphere in mind. One or two of these ideas have, since these recordings were first made, been used in other songs on my own albums, some of which you may recognise.
(Signed): Gary Numan.

Gary Numan and Michael R Smith 1995 Human (Lossless/MP3)

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