Pentagon - Die Vertreibung Der Bosen Geister Aus Dem Pentagon (1970)

Исполнитель: Pentagon
Альбом: Die Vertreibung Der Bosen Geister Aus Dem Pentagon
Дата выхода: 1970
Жанр: Hard Rock, Prog Rock
Кол-во треков: 07
Время звучания: 00:41:05
Формат | Качество: APE (image + .cue) / MP3@320
Размер: 206 MB / 124 MB

Группа из Мюнхена была образована в 60х, выпустили единственный альбом "Die Vertreibung Der Bosen Geister Aus Dem Pentagon" 1970г.
Krohn, Hans-Peter (guitar, flute, vocals)
Strickner, Herbert (bass)
Wellhoener, Axel (drums)


Pentagon was the first group on the small Munich label German Blues and Underground, which later on also released the two Siloah records. The first Single was supposed to be followed by an LP, but it never got beyond the acetate stage, a kind of demo pressing. A music cassette, however, was released, the simple cover of which was used for the CD. Although very young at the time, the three musicians already played respectable bluesrock, and this track featuring a flute is pure enjoyment. The tracks of side 2 of the vinyl album were taken from the master tape, the tracks of side 1 were digitally decrackled by Cedar’s NoNoise system. The 28-page colour booklet contains a probably complete discography and history of the German Blues and Underground label. It’s a first-class find, saved from oblivion in the very last minute.

Track List

[05:29] 01. Pentagon — Lazy blues
[05:13] 02. Pentagon — A sad song
[11:21] 03. Pentagon — Bavarian theme
[02:10] 04. Pentagon — Old folk blues
[09:03] 05. Pentagon — Osiris
[06:16] 06. Pentagon — Bohrer
[01:29] 07. Pentagon — Dawn

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