Pleasure Dome - For Your Personal Amusement

Год: 2008
Стиль: Melodic Rock
Страна: International
Формат: mp3, VBR (~ 224 kbps) [lame 3.96]
Размер: 82,5 Mb

Сегодняшний, совсем свежий, релиз от компании ветеранов и прочих известных личностей в области хард-рока.


Ted first commanded the stage from the drum throne for progressive rockers Prophet on their debut release in 1985 but is probably best known for fronting the chart topping band Danger Danger (Sony Records) on hits like "Naughty Naughty" and "Bang Bang". Charlie and Ed first blasted onto the scene with the critically acclaimed debut Shotgun Symphony CD released in 1993 and have continued to provide their talents to a host of acts through the years like Intruder, Message, Melodica, Skin Tag, Arcara and The Way.

This is the second time Dave joins Charlie on a project, first working in Skin Tag together following Dave's successful stint with Shoot the Doctor (MCA Records). And John is the true road warrior, first becoming the live drummer for Shotgun Symphony after the release of their last CD "Sea of Desire" and continuing to keep one of the busiest touring schedules, most recently seen on the road with Chris Cornell's (Soundgarden) younger brother Peter Cornell in Black Market Radio.

Their debut release For Your Personal Amusement is a tight power-pop roller-coaster ride of soaring melodies, crafty guitars and colourful sounds that is destined to become another classic to add to their arsenal of works. From the rocking opener "Trapped", the haunting melodies of "The Aura That Surrounds You" to the ballad "Praying For A Miracle" they are able to switch gears in an instant without missing a beat.

Pleasure Dome first tested the waters in 2004 with the recording of "Always Tomorrow" and "One and Only", the latter which can be found in it's earliest inception on the CD 2 — The Beast Inside. They would continue to work on and off between other projects and tours during 2005 and 2006, but it would not be until 2007 that they would kick it into high gear and put on the finishing touches. The CD was produced by keyboardist Charlie Calv in the bands home turf of New Jersey, USA and mixed by Martin Kronlund in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Pleasure Dome are a powerful melodic rock band that will certainly gain your respect, this is one release that won't disappoint.


1. Intro "For Your Personal Amusement"
2. Trapped
3. One and Only
4. The Aura That Surrounds You
5. Praying For A Miracle
6. Always Tomorrow
7. Love Is a Game
8. Seems Like a Dream
9. I Won't Cry
10. Return to Zero
11. (Who Will) Save the World
12. Outro "For Your Personal Amusement"

Продолжительность: 44:04

Pleasure Dome - For Your Personal Amusement

Pleasure Dome – это:

Ted Poley – vocals (Prophet, Danger Danger, Melodica)
David Tsien – guitars
Charlie Calv – keyboards (Shotgun Symphony, Message, Melodica)
Ed Avila – bass (Shotgun Symphony)
John Hummel — drums


Produced: Charlie Calv
Mixed: Martin Kronlund


2008 — For Your Personal Amusement


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