Charles Lloyd - Forest Flower: Live At Monterey

Artist: Charles Lloyd
Album: Forest Flower: Live At Monterey
Genre: Post-Bop, Hard Bop, Free Jazz, Modern Jazz
Labe: Atlantic
Recording Date: 1966
Format: CD
Quality: FLAC
Size: 222 MB


This Rhino two-on-one compilation CD puts together two extraordinary incarnations of the Charles Lloyd Quartet from different end of their history — with Lloyd (tenor sax, flute), Keith Jarrett (piano), Jack DeJohnette (drums), and Cecil McBee (bass) at Monterey in September of 1966, and with McBee's successor, Ron McClure, in the lineup for a renowned Town Hall performance from November of 1968. At Monterey in 1966, they were new and breaking ground with practically every note they played — the latter was no less true two years later in New York, but at that point the group was near its end, with Jarrett about to go off and join Miles Davis. Most fans will probably have this music in some form or other, but one advantage to this CD is the opportunity one has to hear "Forest Flower" in its first and last live incarnations — and in a broader context, this disc makes a perfect set of concert "bookends" to the Lloyd quartet's history. There are no bonus tracks and the only notes are by George Avakian from the original Monterey album, but with music like this and beautiful sound, embellishment is hardly necessary. AMG

Charles Lloyd — tenor sax, flute
Keith Jarrett — piano
Cecil McBee — bass
Jack DeJohnette — drums

1 Forest Flower: Sunrise (Lloyd)
2 Forest Flower: Sunset (Lloyd)
3 Sorcery (Jarrett)
4 Song Of Her (McBee)
5 East Of The Sun (Bowman)
tracks 01, 02 and 05 — September 18, 1966, Live at The Monterey Jazz Festival
tracks 03 and 04 — September 8, 1966, New York City

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